Biden is either lying or Mentally gone : Trump

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"That was just a dumb statement." Former US President Donald Trump slams the Joe Biden claims of having no vaccine. 

In a phone call with Newsmax, Donald Trump says Biden was either lying or mentally gone when he said there were no vaccines because he himself got the first dose of the vaccine long before the inauguration.

The former president also says he is not returning to Twitter saying, "It's become very boring."

"We were giving millions of shots and millions of doses. so, he was either not telling the truth or he's mentally gone." Donald Trump said in the interview. "Joe Biden's being killed on that thing. Even the haters said, well wait a minute, this vaccine was announced long before. And I believe he got the shot sometime before January 20th which was inauguration day, long before January 20th."

Trump added, "Maybe, let's get in a better for that, could he be joking?"

Trump also hinted at his possible 2024 run in the interview.

"I won't say yes, but we have tremendous support," he said it is too early to say yes or no.

Publish : 2021-02-18 10:00:00

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