Ukraine War

Moscow under accusation by Ukraine of removing civilians to Russia by force

Ukraine accuses Russia of taking 84,000 children against their will in Moscow. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ukraine accused Moscow of making their civilians disappear to Russia to pressure Kyiv. At the same time, president Zelensky urged the country to be alert and keep its military defense in line and not stop for a minute.  

A Ukraine spokesperson said that 402000 people, including 84000 children, have been taken against their will to Russia, which is held against hostages which might be used to make them surrender. 

Ukraine's navy said large Russian tanks are being used to bring the military equipment. 

In his night video, the president also said to the civilians to move to peace and move forward. 

With every day of our defense, we are getting forward into the peace needed for the country to develop and prosper. 

We cannot stop with every moment of our security. Our fate, future, and whether we can live or not depends upon it. 

He said that thousands of people have died within the first month of the war. 

Hopefully, the hostages will return safely with no casualties, which can be used in the latter days to invade our homeland and make us surrender in the coming days. 

Publish : 2022-03-25 21:45:00

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