255 years of US Independence: Independence for the Settlers and Death to the natives

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255-years ago, on the fourth of July in 1776, the United States of America formed after the thirteen British colonies declared their Independence from the United Kingdom. 

The Independence from England was self-declared by the representatives from the colonies with a grand declaration. As time progressed, more states seceded gradually.

Although America became independent from the Colonizers, the country never got decolonized or the natives never got independence. The colonial culture, mindset, and attitude remain deeply rooted in the American Culture and the system.

The reminiscences of colonialism are still prevalent in sectors of American lives and the attitude of the ruling class Americans.

It would not be an understatement when we say colonialism has been so deeply rooted in American Capitalism which it is too hard to decolonize the country even half a decade after more than two and a half centuries.

The country had to be divided into two, only to recognize the inhumane act of slavery being illegal, and it still gets divided over if the non-white races have the right to be human.

Despite its history of "having fought" against colonialism, the USA often forgets what colonialism means while enforcing it to others.

The “world's oldest democracy” has overthrown several governments across the globe and has replaced them with puppet dictatorship governments to full fill the “American interests.”

And the shocking part is that it does not even try to hide its shameless evil deeds.

American Independence, in its sense, was a kind of a hoax. Because the Americans, the natives of the land, never got independence. It was just a power transformation from the British Crown to the Spanish, French, and the ex-Britishers who had denounced crowns.

As put by Professor Gerald Horne, the 1776’s independence was a counter-revolution and a desperate attempt to save slavery, which sadly succeeded.

 After the de-regulation following the uprising of the Merchants in Britain, the slave trade in the British colonies, especially the US,  had gotten so bad that any Africans in sight were sold in the Colonies with more than 1700% of profits.

The profits from the African Slave Trade were so high that this became the driving force behind the growth of global Capitalism, especially in the US and Western Europe.

The Catastrophic success of the slave trade started to get out of hand as the number of slaves begun to outnumber the settler class or the slave owners.

The slave uprising on the Central American island forced many slave owners to leave the region despite the profits. The European settlers fled to mainland North America or the current United States.

The British Settlers who fled to the Caribbean islands allied with Africans, against the French and Spanish settlers, under the Union Jack and demanded to liquidate slavery.

African slaves were an important part of the deal because the Spanish powers were arming the Africans to fight the British Rivals.

The clash was mainly motivated by the Catholic Leaning of the French and the Spanish Regim and the Protestant leaning of the British Kingdom.

However, the allyship between the British and Africans presented a major threat to the Spanish powers.

The English rule was not only attacked in the United States but also in its region where the Scots and Irish were fighting against them, which made it kind of mandatory for Britain to ally with Africans at any cost, even if that meant liquidating Slavery.

The antagonism grew between those loyal to the British-Crown and the Spanish, French, and some Britishers who were ready to ditch the crown.

Gradually, this led to the self-declaration of independence by the states and then the treaty of Paris that made independence formal.

The phenomenon was gradually seen all over the current mainland USA. The newly formed United States, however, was not pro-American (Natives) or anti-colonial. The States continued, if not escalated, the ethnic cleansing of the native Red Indians. It also promoted slavery and violence against women based on religious grounds.

Racism, sexism, classism, slavery, and Eugenics were so deeply rooted in the system that we can still see those things systematically enforced till now.

Even the state of Hawaii was invaded and incorporated by the US. 

As the United States celebrates its 255th Independence Day, its “glorious history” is full of slavery, racism, and colonialism. Despite the song of Freedom, it still openly vows to be the ruler of the world and dictates the policies by intervening openly in African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern Countries.

Because, to be precise, the US was never an anti-colonial state. It was, however, built on the grounds of colonialism, slavery, and genocide which killed hundreds of thousands of Natives, enslaved millions of African Americans, and colonized several lands.

As I would like to put it, the 1776-independence was for the slave-owning rich white settlers who continued the boundless oppression against the indigenous natives and the African slaves. 

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