The gossips around cardboard beds in Olympics

Photo: Kyodo

The beds in the Olympic village have gotten attention after an Israeli newspaper reported about the cardboard beds in the Olympics.

The report said that American-born Israeli baseball player Ben Wagner uploaded a video on the video platform TikTok where the athletes sat on the bed to test how many people that the bed can resist. The breaking of the bed was filmed after nine people sat on it. The video has met with criticisms online.

Focusing on the use of beds in the Olympic village, American male track and field athlete Paul Celimo posted on Twitter on the 17th that "they can only bear the weight of one person, and the purpose is to prevent close contact between athletes."

 In response, Irish male gymnast Les McLennahan uploaded a video of jumping repeatedly on the bed on the 18th, claiming that the bed is quite strong, refuting the prone to break saying that it is "fake news."

  According to the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, considering the sustainability of resources, the beds in the Olympic Village are made of corrugated paper, and the mattresses are also made of polyethylene, which can be reused in plastic products after the Olympics.

Publish : 2021-07-29 14:57:00

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