Protester tries to extinguish Olympic Flame with a water gun, arrested

Via: YouTube

A lady has been charged with the attempted extinguishment of the Olympic flame with a water gun during the official torch run in Japan.

On Sunday, Kayoko Takahashi was among a large audience watching the torch relay pass through Sinba Park in Mito, Japan's Iberaki prefecture capital.

Ms. Takahashi is seen (on video that went viral) on the sides of the torch relay path, holding a bright water gun.

As the runner approaches, the 53-year-old seems to lift the pistol and begin squirting water at the naked flame while saying "No Olympics" and "Stop the Games," according to the clip.

The flame, however, did not go out, and the runner did not lose his job.

A member of the torch's security crew raised a shield to divert the water stream, while another stopped and detained Ms Takahashi until the police came.

Publish : 2021-07-07 08:26:00

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