The Defectors Game: How significant are the numbers?

Photo: KCNA

When talks come about Cuba, DPRK, the western powers use them as a source of proving something is horrible happening in those countries, that's why they are leaving it.

But How significant are the numbers, and do they mean anything?

To put that in context, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK is often defamed and demonized using the so-called defectors.

However, the defectors have been proven inconsistent and been giving so poorly generated opinions, that most of the time no one in his right mind can believe.

The defectors are often paid to speak the western narrative. Many defectors have accepted this reality and some of those have even gone back.

Despite this, there are very few defectors. Even if the data by South Korea is to be believed, not even half a percent of the DPRK population is leaving the country. And the data indeed is highly inflated by the puppets of imperialism. 

The same tactics are used to inflate the data of defectors from Cuba.

However, even the claimed figures are very tiny and insignificant, which is not obvious enough to prove the majority of the North Korean people are against the government in the country.

According to data, more than 750,000 people emigrated from the United Kingdom in the years 2019 to 21. This is a far greater number than the number of defectors claimed to have left DPRK since its dawn.

The only things that these numbers help are to increase the far-right sentiments and assist in the crippling sanctions to a third-world country left on its own. 

Despite the very crippling sanctions, with which the US and its allies hope that the poverty will rise so high that people will be forced to take to the streets or the government will be forced to change its economic system.

And the Korean people have shown resilience to a great amount and have shown that co-operation can lead us to a better society.

"But there are still the people who are leaving Korea," this can be an argument of the people. But who is leaving the country? Most of the people who left the country at the initial phase were the capitalists, former supporters of the Japanese empire, and the Feudal Landlords. Those people had more to gain in the South. 

They could continue their exploitation and live a "better" standard of life than the average people. Wile prosperity for all seems a greater idea for most of us, those who are at the top will not enjoy it if the other people around can enjoy the same.

And there have been confessions by these so-called defectors who have agreed that they were tricked into leaving the country.

And often they use "children defectors", technically groom them, to speak against the north. How an early teenager gets out of what they call the most repressive country is a huge riddle to solve.

This does not mean anybody is applying, life in North Korea and Cuba is like in heaven. How can it be? When the countries are enforced with such crippling sanctions that no country, even the US would not have endured.

With the sheer resilience and the commitment to a better society these people have endured some of the toughest times and have been progressing for a better society.

The fake news is orchestrated using yellow journalism tactics and uncited news, which are often false. This reaction and fear are enough for someone with a brain to recognize something very special is happening in these countries, something successful, which the imperialists do not want people to see.

Publish : 2022-01-27 22:44:00

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