Ukraine war

159 containers of munitions being transported from Pakistan to Ukraine

Photo: US Army

Pakistan is providing 159 containers of weaponry, including artillery shells and projectile charges, to Ukraine. This cargo vessel is en route from Karachi to Gdansk.

According to a source, the BBC vessel Vesuvius is scheduled to deliver 159 containers to Poland in the second half of January. 155 mm artillery shells, M4A4 projectile charges, PDM fuzes, and M82 capsules will comprise the ammunition. The Indian media reported the case via unnamed sources.

This is not Pakistan's first assistance to Ukraine. It formerly assisted the United Kingdom in supplying weaponry. Pakistan then offered the use of its Rawalpindi airbase. British C-17 Globemaster III planes landed there. They shipped munitions to Romania, from where they were sent to Ukraine.

Pakistan-Ukraine relations

According to, the Pakistanis would obtain assistance from the Ukrainians to upgrade their Motor Sich-produced Mi-17 helicopters. Possibly, these modifications will be paired with motorization to create more modern Ukrainian engines. This was only possible after the war.

According to Indian media, Pakistan and Ukraine have a lengthy history of defense cooperation, with Pakistan receiving technology and munitions from Ukraine.

According to these numbers, Pakistan had to make $1.6 billion purchases in Ukraine, including 320 T-80UD tanks. Before the war, repairs totaling $85.6 million were required.

Pakistan, Ukraine's leading defense partner for the past 30 years, is forming an alliance that rivals Russia and India. The nation might theoretically provide Ukraine with numerous fascinating weaponry and ammunition systems, including 122 mm and 152 mm gun calibers from the Warsaw Pact era. Still, it would also be attractive to re-export the T-80UD.

Publish : 2023-01-12 13:40:00

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