Ukraine War

Joe Biden accuses Putin of considering the use of biological weapons in Ukraine


Washington D.C
Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo: The Week)

According to news agency AFP, US Vice President Joe Biden warned Russia against using chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine. "His [Putin's] back is against the wall," Biden stated. "They [the Russians] also imply that Ukraine possesses biological and chemical weapons, which is a strong indication he is considering employing both of them,"'He stated.

Late Monday, the UK's defense ministry warned that Russia might be planning to use chemical or biological weapons in a 'false flag' operation in Ukraine. The UK's warning, contained in an intelligence report, reaffirms Western concerns about the possibility of chemical weapons being used in the current fight.

According to the UK's defense ministry, the deployment of chemical or biological weapons "could take the form of a staged attack, a staged 'discovery' of agents or munitions, or fabricated evidence of alleged Ukrainian planning to use such weapons." The military ministry warned that the false flag operation would almost definitely be accompanied by widespread disinformation designed to obfuscate attribution.

During the last week, Russia has accused the US of operating secret biological weapons research facilities in Ukraine. "Russian accusations that Ukraine intends to use chemical and biological weapons continue," the UK's defense ministry stated. We have seen no evidence to substantiate these charges."

Publish : 2022-03-22 12:08:00

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