In the most panicking situation in the History of the National Health Service, 300 babies die or are left brain-damaged

Rhiannon Davies, whose daughter Kate Stanton Davies died shortly after birth in 2009 (Image: PA Media)

National Health Services is causing many problems. A campaigning father calls for police prosecutions after his daughter died in the Shrewsbury maternity scandal, where 300 babies died or were left brain damaged due to poor care. 

Richard Stanton says several health bodies are implicated in the obsession with natural births that cost many lives at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust(SaTH), London. 

It is said that there will be more news, and the new final report will be given by top midwife Donna Ockenden which will reveal the worst scandal in NHS history by Tomorrow. 

The admitted pregnant mothers were denied a C- section operation and were forced to suffer traumatic births as many babies were left with fractured skulls, broken bones, and some others were left with the suffocation of oxygen which caused brain damage. 

Richard, whose daughter Kate Stanton-Davies died during birth in 2009, said, " This is a watershed moment for maternity care across the NHS." 
"SaTh was a horrendous case but they were not an isolated trust. You only have to look in East Kent and Nottingham where hundreds more families are coming forward to express concern about the care they received while they were admitted in the hospital." 

" I hope the police will now have sufficient proofs about this case and the CPS will now do something for their prosecution." 

Richard's wife, Rhiannon Davies, gave birth in a midwife-led by the Shrewsbury trust in March 2009, where there were no doctors. She remembers that the midwives told her to go there and keep the numbers up. 

Rhiannon's pregnancy was wrongly classed as a low-risk pregnancy. In contrast, her pregnancy was a tough one with high risk, which professional doctors should only handle, but she was not treated rightly. 

The daughter was born pale and sloppy when she was born. 
This is considered the most protracted case in the health sector in London. 

The report will be unveiled at a briefing near Shrewsbury on Wednesday morning.

Publish : 2022-03-30 15:10:00

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