The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico: The neglected territory of the States


Puerto Rico remains the unofficial US colony of the 21st century as the US territory seeks independence status. 

The residents of the Caribbean islands are treated as "second-class US citizens" and the people can't even decide to vote who governs the country.

Puerto Ricans can't vote for the US Senate, House or even decide the president, despite being governed by the government at the White House.

There have been different moments when the Puerto Ricans have demanded the change while the movements have been brutally suppressed by the regime in Washington.

To this date, Puerto Rico remains a teaser for the United States which sarcastically smiles when the US proclaims to be a campaigner of democracy worldwide while conducting coups in the different parts of the world for "lack of democracy."

While the natives suffer at the former Spanish colony, it has been tax heaven for the Rich Americans due to its unincorporated status. 

People in Puerto Rico demand freedom and the right to decide their own fate and want independence from a dictatorial regime that is not even theirs.

Despite there is a huge voice for the independence of the island, some people seem ready to negotiate with the statehood with the states.

However, statehood does not seem to be a temporary fix for the region. Although it will improve the island's current status, it will remain backward as the island remains different from the States on so many levels.

It also lags long behind the United States in terms of economy and remains segregated politically. The statehood would not ensure proper representation of the territory at the national level.

Publish : 2021-06-15 20:00:00

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