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Kherson bridges destroyed; Russians encounter supply nightmare

Photo: Wolfgang Schwan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

As Ukrainian forces continue their counteroffensive toward the Dnieper River, the Russian position at Kherson may be on its last legs.

Both major bridges near the captured city and the road crossing upriver at the Nova Kakhovka hydroelectric plant were destroyed by previous Ukrainian attacks. Despite the Russians' employment of radar reflectors near the bridges, consecutive strikes have occupied forces dependent on ferries with moving supplies and personnel, if at all.

However, reports from the Ukrainian administration in nearby Mikolayiv indicate that the leadership of the Russia-backed occupying government evacuated Kherson on Saturday and crossed the river. It was unclear if Russian military commanders withdrew over the river as well. If accurate, this could indicate that Russian soldiers are planning to start defensive positions on the south bank.

The British Ministry of Defense's intelligence assessment on Saturday revealed that Russian forces' durability west of the river may depend on their stockpiles now that their supply lines are nearly severed. The huge explosions in Nova Kakhovka on Saturday demonstrated that these stocks are still susceptible to Ukrainian attack.

Video from state-run Russia Today aired footage of Rosvgardia Spetsnaz forces in the Kherson region investigating a wrecked structure for partisan militants. Some of them continue to endanger Russian supply lines in occupied territory.

Russia's weak position on the Dnieper gives Ukraine a significant advantage in the invasion since the adversary cannot quickly resupply. Assuming this transition has not already occurred, continued Ukrainian advances may force Russia to pivot from bolstering its position to evacuating what it can.

A breakdown of the occupation of Cherson might jeopardize Russian objectives elsewhere along its vast frontline. If Ukraine has destroyed 20% of the Russian units engaged in the battle, as it alleges, the "special military operation." will be further weakened by the loss of its largest seized city. Simultaneously, the leader of the Ukrainian military reminds the world once more that his men are in desperate need of additional artillery.

Some of Ukraine's neighbors and allies have devised a strategy to assist in this respect by increasing the manufacture of artillery systems for the war effort:

Publish : 2022-08-14 08:13:00

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