CCP strangling the US and the west

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World leaders are looking to 'experts' like Dr. Fauci to determine how their societies will need to be reimagined in the wake of the pandemic. The scary thing is that Dr. Fauci and his colleagues are not being shy about what they believe needs to happen.

In testimony before Congress, Dr. Fauci admitted that he is working with his colleagues from around the globe to radically change the way countries organize their societies and that he believes the only way forward is to work through the UN.

While his strategy for reorganizing our society is shocking what should concern us the most is how 'experts' like Dr. Fauci are receiving a MasterClass in population control from the Chinese Communist Party. The experts our leaders are listening are being trained by the CCP.

Health officials like Dr. Fauci have learned from the CCP and are now teaching their colleagues that information and data must be manipulated to effect maximum control over the people of a particular country. 

The CCP is strangling the US and the west with our own systems. The CCP is well aware that the 'racism' narrative is very powerful in the US and they use it against us routinely. Whenever a Chinese spy is arrested the Committee of 100 calls it racism. 

Despite overwhelming evidence that Covid-19 originated in China the CCP has managed to convince our elites that pointing out the origin of the virus is racist. They've successfully been able to censor speech critical of the CCP in print, tv, and social media.

The scary thing is how quickly Americans have grown accustomed to simply accepting unreasonable policies (lockdowns, masks, self-censorship) because we pride ourselves on being reasonable, flexible, kind, and gentle to one another.

Following the CCP's example, leaders from Thailand, Cambodia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, and Turkey have used Covid-19 as an excuse to detain journalists, opposition activists, healthcare workers, and anyone else that opposes their rule.

According to Freedom House in the wake of the pandemic at least 64 countries have become less democratic in just the last twelve months since the Covid-19 lockdowns began.

In Dr. Fauci's America, we're seeing enhanced surveillance powers, suspension of rights, censorship of information, and fortified elections.

But he's learning from other nations like China where citizens must install tracking software on their phones that provide police with real-time location data. And from Israel police where are allowed to track those suspected of infection without a court order.

The CCP's use of drones has made its way to the US with towns like Elizabeth, NJ using drones to monitor compliance with Covid-19 mandates. Sadly the media isn't worried they're celebrating the emerging police state in America. 

Here in the US state and local officials citing the pandemic as a reason for scores of delayed responses to freedom of information (FOIA) requests.

Individuals in the US have been arrested and accused of publishing false reports related to coronavirus. Arrests have been carried out by state police as well as the FBI.

Puerto Rico's governor makes it illegal for media outlets or social media accounts to transmit or allow the transmission of false information to create confusion, panic, or public hysteria. 

Public meetings in most states must be public, but many are not providing for public participation in virtual meetings as a result of the pandemic. 

While most states have lockdowns, PR's governor required residents to stay in their homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week between March 31 and April 12, 2020. 

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Dr. Fauci explains that even when people are vaccinated they won't have their civil liberties restored. Citizens need to realize they will need to follow his edicts until he decides otherwise.

Publish : 2021-03-03 17:45:00

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