Rioters believed they were acting on President's order at the January 6, Prosecutors claim


Washington DC
US House impeachment manager Representative Ted Lieu (left) walks past members of the news media. Michael Reynolds/ Pool / AFP

Impeachment managers concluded their arguments in the impeachment of Donald Trump on Thursday. New footage was shown to prove that the pro-Trump rioters genuinely believed they were acting on the former president's order to stop the election of Joe Biden.

The footage included a couple of Senators nearly crossing their way with the angry mob. It also included footages of Trump supporters saying " ring the President" in one of the Senate's landline telephone. 

“They truly believed that the whole intrusion was at the President’s orders,” said Representative Diana DeGette of Colorado. “The President told them to be there.”

Ted Lieu, a democratic representative said that he is worried about what would happen if Donald Trump runs and loses the presidency in 2024.

“If he gets back into the office and it happens again, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves,” lead impeachment manager Representative Jamie Raskin said.

While the prosecutors are making an emotional and graphic case against Trump, the former president’s lawyer and the Republicans are focused on legal questions, hoping to end the trial as soon as possible.

Trump adviser Jason Miller said that the defense would wrap up its case on Friday. Some Republican senators said they were expecting the proceedings to end on Saturday.

The US congress impeached Donald Trump twice during his presidency. Previously he was impeached by the house but was voted not guilty by the Senate following his efforts to pressurize Ukraine in investigating Joe Biden.

Publish : 2021-02-12 16:43:00

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