Republicans will likely vote against the impeachment of Trump

Photo: BL Media ~ English Desk

As  Donald Trump's impeachment trials at the Senate nears, it seems very unlikely that the former president will get impeached. 

The majority of the Republican Senator signaled that they will be voting against the impeachment. In a Senate where both that parties share a 50-50 participation it will be very necessary to get decent support from the Republicans to impeach Mr. Trump.

When the Senate took a vote to proceed with the impeachment trial on Tuesday, only 5 GOP senators voted for the trial to proceed. 55 senators all together voted to proceed and 45 voted to dismiss the trials.

After being impeached by the lower house, Trump is waiting for his impeachment trial at the Senate, where a supermajority will be required for the impeachment. With all the Democrats in favor of impeachment, the Democratic Party will still require at least 17 GOP senators to support them.

Tuesday's voting, however, confirms that the impeachment trials will begin on February 8.

Donald Trump faces impeachment as an aftermath of the January 6 Capitol Riots. He is said to have been responsible for 'incitement of insurrection'.


Publish : 2021-01-27 20:00:00

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