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Myanmar Junta Raids the office of Myanmar Now

CCTV footage shows soldiers and police entering the building where Myanmar Now’s office is located. | Photo: Myanmar Now

Myanmar Police raided the office of Myanmar Now, a Myanmar News Media in downtown Yangon. The News Media reported that its office was raided by Junta on Monday.

Myanmar now reported that there was no one in the office during the raid.

"The newsroom was evacuated on January 28 – days before the military seized power – and no one was working there when dozens of security forces arrived in a military motorcade," Myanmar Now reported.

According to a witness, the soldiers destroyed the locked doors and seized the equipment.

Police seized computers, printers, and parts of the newsroom’s data server.

Swe Win, Myanmar Now’s editor-in-chief said, “this coincidentally occurred hours after we published an editorial this morning that explains how the Tatmadaw has become a terrorist organization, unleashing hell upon a public resoundingly opposed to its rule.” 

“We are now at a point where continuing to do our jobs means risking being jailed or killed. What is certain is that we will not stop covering the enormous crimes the regime has been committing throughout the country,” he added. 


Publish : 2021-03-09 11:23:00

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