The US Election: Staggering 'Red Elephant', shining 'Blue Donkey'


The United States is now basically painted in two colors, red and blue. Either red is becoming darker red or blue is becoming darker blue. Somewhere red is gradually turning pale red to blue. Chances are that the blue will gradually become pale blue and also red. This has happened in the past. However, this time it has not happened. As the red color decreases from the map of the United States, the blue color is added.

Blue donkeys and red elephants are running on the 'Stars and Stripes' canvas created by this combination of blue and red. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on a blue donkey and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on a red donkey. Under the leadership of these two, the American people are sitting on the edge of witnessing this race, almost divided.

In this race which is organized every four years, even if the personality of the rider changes, the goal is the same, 270 Electoral College votes. Not by bringing in a majority in America, but by bringing in the same amazing magic number to achieve the goal. Whoever achieves that goal gets the White House for four years. This white house is the office and residence of the President of the United States, the only superpower in the world. Who lives in the 46th Roll Room in this house ?; Trump with the elephant or Biden with the donkey? The same thing is going to happen on November 3.

At this time, the United States is on the eve of eliminating the same character. Millions of American voters inside and outside the United States have already voted for it. The ballot paper called Mail Ballot and Absentee Ballot has been sealed and dropped in the mailbox. This trend will continue until the end of October. How long to continue? That is decided by the concerned state government. Usually, the red state keeps less, the blue state keeps more.

There are only 19 days left until the long-awaited November 3. At present, 16 states are dark blue, and 195 electoral college votes are reserved for donkeys, while 22 dark red states have secured only 179 electoral college votes for elephants. 164 Electoral College votes are in nine states called the Swing States or the Battle Ground States. It is the color-changing state that decides whether to shine a blue donkey or a red elephant.

Recent national opinion polls have shown that blue donkeys are shining and red elephants are tired. However, Trump and his supporters, riding on a red elephant, say pollsters in the 2016 presidential election have been deceived. But, their face is not saying that. It is clear from the words coming out of the gray lips that the weight is disappearing. Now they are taking refuge in God and saying, "God will make Trump president this time as he did before."

But, this time God doesn't seem to be on the right either. One bad news after another is coming for Trump. He is now infected with Covid-19 along with First Lady Melania and his son Barron. In the run-up to the election, the White House has become a hotspot of Covid-19 and along with the red elephant, General Trump onboard has also fallen.

This phenomenon is not normal. This is an unimaginable situation in the history of the United States, created almost three years before the presidential election, which is a matter of life and death. In that, too, President Trump is not like his predecessor. He is writing a new chapter on American values in his anti-thesis on what he does not do.

What Trump has been doing since he was hospitalized, infected with Covid-19, is amazing in itself. Evidence has been found that he participated in public events without being informed even after he became infected with Kovid-19. He returned to the White House in three days and reached the Oval Office after admitting that Kovid 19 was infected. He has flagrantly violated his own administration's CDC guidelines of having to stay in quarantine for 14 days. This has led to a situation where the US President does not seem to have any law. The majority of Americans seem to feel that it has degraded American civilization and jeopardized American prestige.

Looking back at the tweets and decisions President Trump has made since returning to the Oval Office, he does not appear to be in a normal position. This has made his election campaign even more embarrassing, which has already caused a lot of embarrassment. However, he is directly saying, I will win this election, my defeat is to be rigged. I am not obliged to accept such a decision. '

His latest statement is not considered compatible with American democracy. However, it cannot be said that he will not do so. The recent rush to appoint a conservative judge to the US Supreme Court has also been linked to a 63-member majority. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Trump himself has said, "In the post-election situation, we need a nine-member Supreme Court with a full quorum."

Meanwhile, what happens to Trump's health and his candidacy? The question has also arisen. Millions of Americans have already voted for Trump. If he was able to maintain his candidacy in good health, then there would be no problem. But, what happens if it happens otherwise? The United States has never faced such a question before and has no answer. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

The electoral arithmetic assessment has begun for President Trump after Kovid 19. His opponents say the incident further undermined his second-term claim. He believes that the recent US election, which was marred by issues such as the appointment of a Supreme Court judge, China relations, and the communist badge imposed on Democrats, has now returned to a referendum on Covid 19. With President Trump and his right-wing stronghold of Corona becoming the epicenter of Kovid 19, it is only natural that the American public will lose faith in him.

In the United States, the health of the president means a lot. They want a healthy president, both physically and mentally. There are questions about Trump's mental health, there are questions about his physical health. This infection has presented him as a sick man with no immunity. An earlier example was that American voters were reluctant to choose a sick candidate for president.

But Trump supporters disagree with his rivals. He believes he has been defeated by his leader, Covid 19, and as a warrior, he will win a second term with a huge majority of American voters. Just as he was elected president by the will of God before, the same thing is repeated this time.

While Trump's supporters and opponents are assessing conflicting hopes and beliefs, some political pundits are skeptical that the November 3 election will take place if Trump's health problems worsen. They say the US Constitution is silent on this. By interpreting the same silence as one's own happiness, one can say what is not happening here.

Some conspiracy theories have surfaced in the United States about the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 infection to President Trump. He is of the opinion that this is just a deliberate act by President Trump as he has created a losing situation. He was already Covid-19, if he had a chance to win, he would not have brought it out even with many measures. But, when that is not possible, it is his bet to play in it. He wants to postpone the election.

This conjecture seems unbelievable. However, there is a consensus that anything is possible in politics. Even in that, there is a situation where there is nothing illegal in Trump's politics. He has lost so much credibility that even his own supporters say, "Yes, Trump is lying, but we like his habit of lying."

In the last four years, Trump has made the United States a Trump. He reversed all the lessons of democracy that the Americans had taught the world. And, America proved that what it looks like is not. American sociologist and thinker Noam Chomsky has said that the democratic form of the United States has been created by the powerful American media, while the essence has been created by the 2G, the 'gun', and the 'god'. Trump is a pawn in that coin.

What happens in the United States now? The answer is not under anyone's control. It can be said now, 'God, bless America. But God does not know what the consequences will be.'

Publish : 2020-10-23 20:47:00

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