Second protester arrested during protests, executed in Iran

The latest execution came with global outrage still reverberating after Iran on Thursday carried out the first execution linked to the protests. (Photo: UGC/AFP)

Iran has killed a second prisoner convicted and arrested amid widespread protests that have shaken the authorities for nearly three months.

Monday, state television released footage claiming to show the man identified as Majidreza Rahnavard stabbing and fleeing from two security personnel.

According to Iran's judiciary-affiliated Mizan news agency, Rahnavard fatally stabbed two security force members in Mashhad on November 17 and injured four others.

According to the agency, the execution took place in public on Monday morning in Mashhad.

State television broadcast footage of a man pursuing another man around a street corner and stabbing him after he fell against a parked motorcycle.

Another saw the same man instantly stabbing another individual. The attacker, who state television claimed was Rahnavard, then left.

Crackdown on protesters

According to the Mizan report, the deceased was a "student" Basij, a paramilitary volunteer serving under Iran's Revolutionary Guard. The Basij (ba-SEEJ') have deployed in major cities, attacking and detaining protestors, who have fought back in numerous instances.

After Rahnavard's execution, a severely edited program on official television featured clips of him in court. In the video, he explains that he came to despise the Basijis after viewing social media videos of the forces beating and murdering protestors.

Rahnavard was accused in the Mizan report of attempting to flee to a foreign nation when he was apprehended.

The public hanging of Rahnavard, less than a month after he allegedly committed the fatal stabbings — ostensibly because he was angry about security forces killing protesters — demonstrates the rapidity with which Iran now executes death sentences for those detained during demonstrations the government hopes to quell.

Closed-door hearings

At least a dozen people have already been sentenced to death in closed-door tribunals, activists fear.

Human Rights Activists in Iran, an organization that has monitored the protests, reports that at least 488 people have been killed since the rallies began in mid-September. A further 18,200 individuals have been detained by officials.

The Shia holy city of Mashhad is situated around 740 kilometers (460 miles) east of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

In the wake of the death in jail of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who had been seized by Iran's morality police on September 16, activists said there have been strikes, shop closures, and demonstrations.

Mizan stated that Rahnavard was condemned by the Revolutionary Court of Mashhad.

The international community has criticized the tribunals for not letting defendants choose their attorneys or even view the evidence against them.

Iran is one of the world's leading executioners, and captives are often executed by hanging. On Thursday, it executed the first prisoner seized amid protests.

Publish : 2022-12-12 15:41:00

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