Forbidden story of Aliens, UFOs and Nazis

Do you want to discover the Greatest Mystery in the History of the World? Here's the Forbidden Story....

Forbidden story of Aliens, UFOs and Nazis!

The vastness of the cosmos is immeasurable. To date, nobody knows the starting and ending point of the universe. Even the grandest of the telescope has not succeeded in measuring the emptiness and depth of the universe. The greatest minds have thought about it and concluded that you could not reach the end of the universe. By chance, if you did get there by old calculations, you will be surprised to see that the universe has already expanded billions of kilometers by then.

Albert Einstein was one of the pioneer scientists who gave the theory of the endless and ever-expanding universe, proved right today. The modern scientific genius like Stephen Hawking has also supported the views of Einstein.

Based on these grounds, aliens’ life is certainly a huge possibility in the universe. In the immensity of the cosmos, our solar system is just a speck of dust, and our earth is a micro-speck. So, there might be many types of life-forms dwelling in the unexplored parts of the universe. Who knows, the alien life might exist in the universe.

There is a colossal likelihood of the existence of aliens in life forms. But the central question is, have we found the aliens already?

Although there are rumors of alien encounters in the world spreading like wildfire, the official answer to the question is a big NO! Many people have reported UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) flying over their houses. Even Navy Pilots have reported encounters with UFOs. Some people even claim that the UFOs abducted them and visited their planet.

The story they tell is fascinating! All over the world, especially in the USA), the claims of UFOs sightings are quite common, and the UFOs craze is also huge. In the USA, there is a city where parks, roadsides, grounds, etc., are full of alien statues.

Is this true or just an exaggerated imagination? Let’s explore the question. I was also curious about aliens and UFOs when I was a child. My curiosity led me to imagine UFOs in the night sky and other fanciful stories.

When I got a little bigger and had access to the internet, I extensively searched for the aliens and found some unbelievable footage of UFO crashes and aliens saved by people with the help of a stretcher. They had a slim body with huge and bulging eyes, but the reproductive parts were absent. The video looked real, but it could be manufactured like some Hollywood movies.

I don’t know what happened to the footage now. After many years, I searched for it again but couldn’t locate the same video. Recently, that inner curiosity led me to subscribe to one video streaming site, where my curiosity was almost satiated. 

I saw many original documentaries made by UFO and alien researchers on that site. There I found the inside story of UFOs and aliens. The story goes somewhat like this:

The Nazi Germans pioneered the quest for creating flying discs or flying soccer. Since Hitler was deeply passionate about Vimanas, flying machines mentioned in the Hindu scriptures, he even sent envoys to the Himalayas and Tibet to explore the scriptures that described the flying machines.

There are pieces of evidence that British authority damaged the Vimana drawings of various Indian caves so that Nazis couldn’t discover the blueprint of the flying machine. After all this research, Nazis developed a device called Nazi Bell that looked like Vimana of ancient Sanskrit text ‘Vaimanik Shastra’ of Sage Bharadwaja, which was supposed to be mercury powered.

After World War II, the Allied forces seized a Nazi submarine heading towards Antarctica. Surprisingly, that submarine carried a large amount of mercury. Why they were taking such a tremendous amount of mercury to Antarctica might be connected to the fact that Nazis had a military base there and were experimenting with a lot of new technology, including flying saucers.

There is evidence of one US military veteran who was Chief of the raid on Nazi’s Antarctica base shortly after world war-II. With all their fighter jets and technology, they attacked the base and were surprisingly beaten by the Nazis, who had better flying machines than theirs.

One of the declassified files reveals that the Chief of the Staff and a few survivors returned from there hopeless and bewildered. The Chief later admitted that the Nazis had faster-flying discs that could fly in any direction and shoot and disappear nowhere!

Here comes the crux of the story. After World War II, most Nazi UFO researchers and scientists were secretly welcomed to the USA by a covert mission. They were discreetly placed in universities and research wings like the FBI in high ranks to continue their research on flying machines for the benefit of the USA.

There was a commotion among the general public about this happening at that time. Later, it was suppressed by wealthy and influential people.

From all the above documentary evidence, even a layperson can understand what might have happened then. Let me be more specific to draw a few projections and conclusions from all this inside story: One of the most apparent projections is that flying soccer and UFOs that Americans see everywhere are not coming from an alien world. These flying disc experiments have been done by covert missions and classified projects in the USA itself. It might be going on the famous Area 51.

Area 51 is a popular so-called UFO related site in the USA. This area is a restricted military facility, and nobody knows what the hell is happening there. Some former researchers of Area 51 claimed that they saw aliens there.

Why is America hiding these experiments? Because it furtively wants to develop special military competence over other countries. If the Alien UFO crash is real, they might have captured the injured aliens and black-mailed them to transfer their technology to make better flying machines.

From the US government’s undisclosed behaviours, especially their secret agencies, we can conclude that the Antarctica base of Nazi might be shifted to Area 51 upon the geographical difficulty or the Antarctica base of Nazi and Area 51 might be collaborating.

Another possibility might be the independent existence of the Nazi base in Antarctica till now, which the secret societies could fund. As the speed of flying soccer is said to be way faster than rockets, they might have a secret base on the other side, the dark side of the moon.

The missing 2/3-minute tape from the live telecast of the moon landing was later hacked. It disclosed Neil Armstrong’s voice frantically describing the scenes he saw on the moon. He anxiously said, “What was that, Oh! Are they aliens? Oh, here, their spaceships are bigger and advanced than ours.”

He might have seen the Nazi’s flying machines on the moon, and they might have threatened him. God knows what happened! But we can guess that this might be why no more human-crewed missions to the moon after that have been launched. What was this mystery all about? Few questions were still burning in my mind. I was haunted by these thoughts day and night. Then, this mysterious event occurred:

Few years back, I was hiking on the Shivapuri Hills near Kathmandu. Shivapuri is a mystical space near the capital city of Nepal. According to folklore Shiva Himself (the first Yogi or Adiyogi) had resided there thousands of years ago. From that time on that divine energy is absorbed by many enlightened beings who did their penance there. Among them, Shivapuri Baba and Swami Chandresh (Shivapuri Swami) are prominent ones.

Whenever my mind was restless, I used to go there and get charged with the divine presence of the place. Most of the time, I got answers to my questions too! This time I was wandering through the stone steps laid on the path enjoying the nature around. When I crossed the hill, I felt tired and was resting on a small fallen tree. Suddenly, I saw a bearded old man with white clothes who was hastily walking away in the opposite direction. He looked extra-ordinary and carried a leather bag alongside. So, I decided to follow him. I was shouting, “Oh! Hello Sir! Please wait!” He did not listen. He started to move his feet even faster. Strange courage filled me and I started to run after him. He also ran. I have to admit he was fast in his old age. When the path ended in a meadow, he turned back. I was startled to see his piercing and bright eyes. He knowingly took out a package from his bag and put it on the ground. I was looking at the package he dropped there trying to figure out what it was? Next moment, I looked up but the old man had vanished. Only that I saw afterwards was a dazzling light on the edge of the horizon like a shooting star going bottom to up. It also disappeared within seconds.

I approached the package he left. I kneeled on the ground and opened the package. It had a notebook inside. I started to turn the pages and I found it was a diary written by someone with the date and events that occurred. It was written in some foreign language. Later, I found out that it was German. It took me a year to translate the diary. The translated version goes like this:

Let’s find out what’s in the mysterious diary!

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