19-year-old gang raped in Central Park

Robert Mecea

Police say a 19-year-old woman was raped in Central Park early Wednesday.

The victim was going through the park at West 77th Street and West Drive shortly before 1 a.m. when they noticed five individuals sitting on a park bench, according to cops and police sources.

According to the sources, after the victim passed the bench, the group got up and followed him.

The victim then tripped — at which time two of the suspects approached, one of them forcing his penis into the victim’s anus, and the other into their mouth, the sources said.

The NYPD identified the victim as a woman, but police sources said the person was either a man or transgender.

The location is a gay cruising spot, according to the sources.


Publish : 2021-05-26 19:53:00

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