Florida man with 'no idea how to fly' safely lands a passenger plane after pilot falls sick

When the pilot of a Cessna plane off the coast of Florida's the Atlantic Ocean got too ill to fly, the passenger used the cockpit radio to make an urgent call for assistance.

On Tuesday, the individual stated, "I'm in a precarious situation." "My pilot has become inarticulate, and, and I have no notion how to operate the aircraft."

An air traffic controller at Fort Pierce, located on the east coast of Florida, answered by questioning if the pilot understood his location.

"I do not know. "I can see the Florida coast before me, but I have no idea," he stated.

A Cessna 280 may be steered from the passenger seat using twin controls. The controller advised him to "keep his wings level and attempt to follow the coast, either northward or southward."

Before controllers could locate the aircraft, it had flown north above Boca Raton for many minutes.

The man's voice deteriorated, so the controller in Fort Pierce requested his cell phone number so that Palm Beach International Airport controllers could communicate with him more effectively.

At that point, air traffic controller Robert Morgan, a 20-year veteran, took over, guiding the passenger to a safe landing.

"Congratulations to the new pilot," a controller said after the plane rolled down the tarmac without incident.

Mr. Morgan told the WPBF that he believed he was in the ideal location at the perfect time.

"I knew the plane was flying similarly to other aircraft, and I was only required to keep him calm, direct him to the runway, and instruct him on how to cut power to descend for landing. "It felt great to assist someone," he stated.

Rick Breitenfeldt, the spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, confirmed that just the pilot and passenger were on board.

He stated in an email that the agency is investigating the matter. There was no immediate information on the pilot's condition, and the identities of the two passengers have not been disclosed.

Publish : 2022-05-11 23:30:00

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