Shortage of potato forces Japanese McDonalds to limit the sales of fries

McDonald's Japan announced it is limiting sales of its fries because of a potato shortage and importing delays. Customers will only be able to purchase a small size of the fries for approximately the next month. File photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI

The firm revealed that McDonald's customers in Japan are now limited to purchasing a small number of fries. This restriction will last around one month.

The fast-food chain's temporary restriction results from a potato shortage and import delays caused by the weather.

"Regarding potatoes imported from North America, there was a delay in imports due to the effects of a large-scale flood near the port of Vancouver, Canada, which is a transit point for shipping services, and disruption to the global distribution network due to the Corona disaster," McDonald's Japan Co., Ltd. stated Friday.

During the final week of December, the firm made a similar move, banning medium and large fries sales.

"Along with the continuous delay in imports, unanticipated situations such as cargo retention in Vancouver, uncertainty caused by snow and bad weather along the route, and the shipping service scheduled from early to mid-January, There will be an additional delay in arrival. From January 9, 2022, we will temporarily cease sales of M and L sizes for about one month and will sell only S sizes "According to the fast-food business.

Flooding in November in British Columbia is still causing delays in the supply chain, which is already impacted by COVID-19. Recent heavy snowfall along the province's West Coast has also exacerbated delays at the Port of Vancouver.

Publish : 2022-01-09 11:22:00

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