Gang Clash in a Haitian town : 5 Haitians shot dead


Photo: HHF Haiti

The Ti Bwa gang leaders were accused of lingering in their territory by the Grand Ravine and God Village gangs.

Five Haitians were shot dead on public transportation in Martissant town on Wednesday following battles between the Grand Ravine, God Village, and Ti Bwa gangs, the latter of which was backed up by locals armed with knives.

The people of the Grand Ravine and God Village battled the Ti Bwa chiefs, accusing them of lingering in their land. Even though residents in cars did not intervene in the incident, the gang members fired at them to prevent them from seeking assistance.

When the driver saw an opportunity, he drove his passengers to the towns of Fontamara and Bizoton, where he phoned the cops. Specialized policemen were dispatched to Martissant town to maintain control of the situation, which remains tense because the gang members outgun the local cops.

The gang leaders said that the armed battles in this town would halt if they were given US$300 and were no longer disturbed, but residents contended that the criminals would never keep any commitment.

Even though gangs have always controlled impoverished Haitian areas, armed conflicts intensified dramatically since former President Jovenel Moise assumed office in 2017.

"The Moise administration weakened the Police and the Justice system. Since there were hardly any airport controls, arms trafficking increased considerably in the country," according to Haitian National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RHDDH) Director Pierre Esperance.

These criminal organizations already control half of Haiti's municipalities, acting as de facto governments with their own "shutdowns," "police stations," home electricity levies, and school licenses for children.

Publish : 2021-12-05 13:52:00

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