Madonna's latest 'embarrassing' lingerie photos make fans cringe

Madonna sparked criticism after posting a series of provocative photos. Photo: Instagram/ @Madonna

Madonna has been under fire for publishing "embarrassing" suggestive photographs that have been likened to pornography.

The 63-year-old is no stranger to controversy, having recently posed as Marilyn Monroe in a photograph, sparking outrage on social media last month.

The music icon has now drawn additional criticism after uploading a series of images on Instagram yesterday showing her in lingerie – including several in which she is naked.

The photographs show the singer posing around a bed in a bra, thong, fishnet stockings, and heels.

The chart-topping musician may be seen in two of the images reclining on a bed with her left nipple exposed. Another shot, taken from behind, shows her kneeling in front of the bed, her thong leaving little room for interpretation.

They drew condemnation on social media, with users labeling them "ridiculous" and "very sad" – with both Madonna and the post being dubbed "embarrassing."

According to one commenter, the Grammy-winning performer "must've lost her dignity under the bed," while another added, "Having self respect at this age will suit you better."

Others compared the photographs to "pornography," while others noted that her six children could view them, with one commenter stating that they "must be so proud" of her.

However, there was some support for the singer, with one individual responding: "She uses art to express herself and kick them barriers down that you all clearly have. I don't understand the shock and why everyone is so ashamed."

Publish : 2021-11-25 17:50:00

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