Venezuelan vice president says Sunday's elections are a lesson in Democracy for the people

Photo: Anadolu Agency | 2019

On Sunday, Venezuelan Executive Vice President Delcy Rodrguez stated that ongoing regional and municipal elections are a lesson in democracy for the people.

Following the election, the official emphasized to the press the discipline and decency with which Venezuelans navigated the electoral process as a result of discussion between the opposition and the government.

Rodrguez emphasized that this is a significant day for the nation because it is the time when the people will decide the direction of the country at the polls, but it will also reaffirm that issues in this country are resolved among Venezuelans, without external interference or pressure from either the US or the EU.

She thanked the 300 international observers from more than 55 nations who are visiting Venezuela to monitor the process.

In this regard, she emphasized, “… we are always grateful and will be grateful for the support and company of our friends who did not abandon us, not even in the worst times, thank you for your solidarity.”

Publish : 2021-11-22 13:56:00

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