Biden Administration Resumes White House Visitor Log Releases Stopped During Trump Term


Alexandra Kashirana
Jim Bourg for REUTERS

The recordings, however, are thought to contain a number of exceptions. It was mentioned that the logs, planned to be released on a monthly basis, would not contain records of personal guests, “a small group of particularly sensitive meetings” such as visits of possible Supreme Court nominees, along with logs that implicate privacy or law enforcement concerns or those that could compromise national security.

Earlier, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that the current administration cannot release records made during Trump’s term, as they are under the purview of the National Archives, which will not unseal visitor logs for five years after Trump left the Oval Office.

The names and personal information of people who visit the White House complex are recorded by the Workers and Visitor Entry System, also known as WAVES, and operated by the US Secret Service, which determines who is admitted to the restricted area.

Publish : 2021-05-08 08:18:00

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