Chinese Officials say, head of the 8 countries have been vaccinated with the Chinese Vaccine


Heads of the state and government of eight countries have been vaccinated against coronavirus with the Vaccine developed in China.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman claimed on Friday that at least eight of them had been vaccinated.

Spokeswoman Hou Chunying told a news conference that she had received details of the heads of state and government. But he did not name the Chinese head of state or government who had been vaccinated.

According to media reports, the Chinese vaccine was used because it was reliable, effective, and useful.

In the process of developing the vaccine, there was a competition between some western countries and China. Spokesperson Chunying claims that China has also succeeded in that.

She noted that in the midst of the epidemic, China had provided co-vaccination to many countries.

She also said that the response to the Chinese vaccine was appropriate in the countries where the vaccine was used.

She told reporters that some countries also send charter planes to carry vaccines from China.

The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said some heads of state and government had personally demanded the vaccine.

Chinese officials have said that the availability and effectiveness of the vaccine have increased China's influence in the international arena.

Publish : 2021-02-21 01:34:00

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