Massachusetts to supply vaccine from state-run sites


Photo: Doug Mills | Getty Images

Massachusetts' state officials have started to shift the vaccine supply from the state-run sites as the vaccine supply starts drawing criticism.

The Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association informed its members advising not to schedule further appointments of the vaccine first doses.

However, the people who already have appointments won't be affected by the change.

"All patients and hospital staff with existing appointments will get their first and second shots, and the administration is hopeful more vaccines will arrive soon for more providers, including hospital systems," a spokeswoman for the state’s COVID-19 Response Command Center said in a statement.

The state administration will instead focus its vaccine supplies on "mass vaccination sites, retail pharmacies, and community health centers.

The state had previously distributed 48% of its vaccine supply to the hospitals.

Major health systems announced on Thursday that they would immediately stop scheduling first-dose appointments citing the state's move to reduce private system supply.

The state hopes the new Johnson & Johnson's one-shot vaccine will boost the vaccination effort.

Massachusetts governor has been criticized for the slow pace of vaccination rollouts.

Publish : 2021-02-13 20:33:00

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