Iran kicks off inoculation campaign with Sputnik V

Photo via: Aljazeera

Middle Eastern Nation of Iran also has kicked off its vaccination campaign.

Having faced the Pandemic from its beginning, Iran is quite behind other countries in the vaccination campaign. Iran previously rejected to use of Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, considering their bad experiences with the countries in the past.

An Iran minister had said they can't trust Americans, English or the Frenchs will be wanting to help others at the time of the crisis.

Iran has started the inoculation of its citizens with the Russia-based vaccine Sputnik-V. Sputnik-V is proven to be 92% effective and one with the least side-effects. 

Sputnik uses virus best technology unlike most of the available vaccines that use RNA-based technology.

An Iranian official said they will be vaccinating its citizens, based on the priority order. Health workers and the front line staff will be vaccinated first then it will be followed by high-risk groups.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has seen more than 140,000 COVID cases and 58,500 deaths.

Publish : 2021-02-10 09:28:00

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