How will Donald Trump's impeachment trial move forward?

Donald Trump's impeachment trial is underway at the US Senate. Here is how will it proceed.


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Donald Trump was impeached by the US House, following the riot at the US Capitol for inciting the mob that attempted to siege the US congress. After Donald Trump was voted to be impeached by the House Majority, the decision is now on the Senate Floor.

Although the impeachment trial is a trial, it is not like the criminal trials. It will have jurors and the judge but unlike criminal trials, there is no 'standard proof' in the impeachment trial.

Senators can vote based on their political beliefs, conscience, or the arguments put forward. It is not mandatory to hear the truth or consider the arguments. There are no clear-cut right and wrong for the impeachment trial and neither the convicted has to face the punishment for losing the trial.

But the impeachment still will have some level of punishment as the convicted, if voted guilty, can not run for the office from then.

Generally, the Chief Justice of the Supreme court looks over the impeachment trial. However, since Trump is no longer the President, Democratic Senator  Patrick Leahy, will run the show.

Senator Leahy is currently the second-highest ranked official in the Senate, pro-Tempore. Leahy, 80, is legally blind in his left eye since birth but has been quite a leftist with his political vision. Deemed to be a Far-left Democrat, by the American Standards, he has been one of the most progressive Democrat despite his old age. Interestingly, he has a cameo in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight movies, which arguably had one of the farthest-left anti-heroes.

Nine Democrats from Congress are the prosecutors at the impeachment trials. "Impeachment Managers" led by John Raskins will be taking turns to prosecute the case in a similar fashion to lawyers in the courtroom.

Raskin, a professor of constitutional law, will likely start and conclude the Democrats' argument.

The 100 senators themselves will be the Jurors to the trial. The impeachment will only happen if two-third of the Senate vote in the favor of the impeachment. If more than 33 of the senators feel that the impeachment trial should not happen, then, the impeachment won't happen.

In a 50-50 senate it seems fairly unlikely to get at least 17 Senators to vote against Trump, but stranger things have happened during Trump.

Trump, however, does not have to testify at the trial mandatorily. Although Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford had chosen to testify at their impeachment trial, Trump is likely to be golfing in Florida during the impeachment trials.

Trump's lawyers, Bruce Castor and David Schoen will be defending Trump. They have been saying the impeachment being unconstitutional and will likely use the same argument on the Senate floor.

In an unlikely scenario, we might be seeing witnesses against the former president as democrats have not ruled that possibility out. Many ProTrump protestors at the riot have said they are ready to testify against Donald Trump. Despite its chances of being almost close to none, it can still happen.

However, unlike other court trials, the impeachment trial can't be appealed. The Senators' decision is final.  


Publish : 2021-02-10 00:30:00

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