South Africa suspends AstraZeneca vaccine after trial results

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South Africa suspends the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine after the trial results. South Africa has canceled the plans to innoculate front-line medical workers after a clinical trial showed that the vaccine is not effective to control the spread of the mutated South African Variant of the Coronavirus.

South Africa received 1 million doses of the vaccine last week and was expected to kick off the inoculation campaign by mid-February.

Previously, the AstraZeneca Vaccine was reported not to be effective enough against the South African variant. It is said that the vaccine is only effective 22% effective against mild-moderate cases of COVID.

The study involved more than 2,000 volunteers most of whom were strong, young, and healthy.

The news came as a disappointment to the country as South Africa has been severely affected by the Coronavirus and the new variant is a superspreader.

South Africa has seen more than 45,000 deaths due to the COVID-19.

Publish : 2021-02-08 08:47:00

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