McConnell proposes to delay Trump Impeachment till February


Washington DC
Photo via: REUTERS| Copyright: UPI

GOP Senate leader Mitch Mc Connell proposes to delay Trump's Impeachment trial till February so Trump gets time to prepare. Senate Minority leader proposed Majority leader Chuck Schumer, postpone Trump's impeachment trial and let him have two more weeks to prepare.

However, Democrats are unlikely to go with GOP's proposal as they plan to impeach the former president as soon as they can.

McConnel said he has not got a response but the talks are on. House Dems can still send the trial to Senate and start the Senate the next day.

Donald Trump has been impeached by the House and the impeachment has moved to the hands of the Senate. A two-third majority is required to impeach the president.

Although Trump is no longer a president, his impeachment will mean he can't run for office anymore.

Publish : 2021-01-22 18:59:00

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