China sanctions 28 Trump Officials including Mike Pompeo

Photo: Reuters /Andrew Harnik

Minutes after Biden took office as the 46th president of the United States, China has sanctioned 28 officials from the Trump administration including former secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Chinese foreign ministry released a statement saying, twenty-eight "anti-China" US officials have been banned in the country for undermining Chinese Sovereignty and spreading hatred against China out of political interest and prejudice.

The list includes Michael R. Pompeo, Peter K. Nevero, Robert C. O'Brien, David R. Stillwell, Matthew Pottinger, Alex M. Azer, Keith J. Krach, Kelly Dick Kraft, and John Bolton from the Trump administration.

Former Trump Advisor Stephen Bannon is also on the list. Donald Trump recently pardoned Bannon from the charges of Fraud. 

The statement from China's Foreign Ministry read, "28 people have been banned. It is a serious violation of China's sovereignty and is largely the responsibility of the United States. " 

They are also banned from entering territories like Hong Kong and Macau including Mainland China. The ban also prohibits the companies related to them from doing business in China.


Publish : 2021-01-21 10:50:00

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