Indonesia Earthquake : Death toll rises to 73

Members of a search and rescue team look for people trapped in the rubble at Mitra Manakarra hospital in Mamuju on January 17, 202. (AFP)

The number of people who died on the 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia's West Sulawesi province on Friday has reached 73. More than 820 people have been injured and more than 27,800 have left their homes due to the earthquake.

 The Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesperson Raditya Jati said on Sunday that the police and military have been deployed for the rescue operation and also to control the increasing looting in several parts of the region.

It is still unclear how many dead bodies can be under the debris. But hopes of finding anyone alive by now is almost none. 

The start of the year 2021 hasn't been good for the island nation. A few days ago, an Indonesian plane carrying 62 passengers went missing. Similarly, the country has been facing a series of floods and landslides killing tens of people.

Publish : 2021-01-17 16:48:00

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