Myanmar Military Coup

Eight more protesters shot dead by the Myanmar Military on Saturday

Members of a crowd show the three-finger salute at the funeral of slain protester 19-year-old Htet Myat Aung in Pyay on March 13. Photo: Myanmar Now

Myanmar Security Forces shot at least eight more protesters dead between Friday and Saturday evenings.

Myanmar Police fatally shot three people on Friday Night at a Township in Yangon. Police continued its brutal operation overnight, while the protesters demonstrated against the coup even during the night.

Four teenagers in Thaketa, all aged around 18, were arrested by the Police during a night-time sit in their Neighbourhood,

The people of the area gathered again, demanding that the youth be freed. Soldiers and police responded by shooting into the crowd, Myanmar now cites an eye witness.

Four of the people were killed by the forces on Saturday Morning in a protest at Mandalay. 

More people have been suspected to killed on Saturday and the death toll can rise.

More than 78 people have been killed by the Myanmar military since the military coup on February first. The military has arrested about 2,500 people so far.

Despite the condemnations and sanctions from over the world, the Myanmar Military continues to use forces against its own people who are undeterred by the use of violence and have vowed to rather die than be enslaved.

Publish : 2021-03-13 18:00:00

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