Biden told World leaders 'America is going to be back in the game'


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US President-elect Joe Biden has told the World leaders that America is ‘going to be back in the game’ as leaders continue to congratulate him on Tuesday even as Trump still denies the election result.

"I'm letting them know that America is back," Biden told reporters in Delaware. "We're going to be back in the game. It's not America alone."

Biden has routinely criticized Trump's "America First" approach to foreign policy. Biden argues the president has hurt the United States by acting unilaterally. Trump has insisted that " America First' does not mean America alone."

Biden said he's already spoken with six world leaders, including Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The transition team said Biden planned to work with the Europeans on fighting the Covid-19 pandemic as well as climate change, one of many areas on which Trump sharply differed with the allies.

Several of the leaders had already issued public congratulations, which are routine for the incoming president-elect of the United States. But this year is anything but routine, given that Trump has yet to concede.

All fellow leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized democracies have congratulated Biden as have some of Trump's closest allies, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

US media outlets concluded Saturday that Biden enjoyed unassailable leads in major states as well as a commanding edge in the nationwide popular vote.

Publish : 2020-11-11 13:12:00

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