UK cabinet launches an investigation as "Operation London Bridge", plans for after Queen's death gets leaked

Her son Prince Charles will take over as king

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. (Via Shutterstock)

After top-secret plans for the immediate aftermath of Queen Elizabeth's death were disclosed, the UK Cabinet Office has initiated an investigation.

The detailed masterplan, nicknamed "London Bridge," has been distributed around senior politicians and public workers for quite some time. However, royal and political advisers are said to be "annoyed" and "frustrated" when sections of the story were published on the Politico website at a time when the queen (95) is in good health and it has only been five months since her husband, Prince Philip, passed away.

According to a senior government source, the Cabinet Office has launched an investigation into the leak.

“Internally, there is an investigation into which version was leaked and how sensitive it is,” the insider said.

“If it turns out to be an old version that was widely circulated but did not include the most sensitive material, it may end there, but if it turns out to be a fuller version that was only circulated to, say, ten people, the Cabinet Office will launch a formal inquiry.”

The disclosure would "cause concern" about security, according to the insider, which would have to be integrated into future iterations of the plan. “It's insensitive because the queen's husband died not long ago, it's rude, and it's completely unnecessary,” they stated.

The paper released to Politico is not the most recent version of the plan, and it is at least a few months old, with some elements missing from the most recent version.

More than 40 organizations, including military units, councils, charities, and broadcasters, obtain copies of portions of the plan related to their participation in the ceremonies, but only a few people are trusted with the complete document.

Within the last 18 months, the extensive plans drawn up for the immediate aftermath of the queen's death have been modified to incorporate references to the specific issues that would be faced during the pandemic.

According to the documents, government ministries have expressed concerns about the massive security operation that would be put in place in response to fears of an unprecedented inflow of tourists.

The plan includes every contingency, from how the queen's coffin would be carried to London if she dies outside the city to the precise language of notifications made by the departmental permanent secretaries in charge of breaking the news.

A worst-case scenario depicts how London might become “overcrowded” as hundreds of thousands flock to the capital, putting a strain on hotels, roads, public transportation, food supplies, the police, and the NHS.

The prime minister, senior governors-general, and ambassadors will be among the first to receive word of the queen's death, which is dubbed "D-Day." Following that, a 10-day schedule building up to her funeral calls each day "D-1," "D-2," and so on.

The nation will get a broadcast from the new King Charles. A memorial service will be held at St Paul's Cathedral, which will be meant to appear "haphazard."

Publish : 2021-09-04 09:38:00

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