Police hospitalized 3 after a shooting in Florida but immediately, the Police neither knows about the shooting nor anyone being shot [VIDEO]


Aventura Mall, South Florida
Aventura Mall

After shots fired at Aventura Mall just outside Miami, three people were taken to a nearby hospital as police responded. 

“We have several suspects involved in custody and being question by Detectives,” Aventura Police tweeted. “We have 3 victims who have sustained NON- life threatening injuries and out being treated at local hospitals.” 

The shooting happened this afternoon. 

Customers and storekeepers hid in various corners of the mall according to a local news report. 

According to NBC 6 South Florida's report, it wasn't (immediately) clearly confirmed if anyone was shot and the police is yet unconfirmed if the shooting actually took place.

Watch a video:

Publish : 2021-05-09 07:58:00

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