Amazon Web Services and Genese Solution co-host tech event in Boston

Information Technology (IT) professionals, community leaders, and entrepreneurs from Nepal and the United States came together on July 18 in AWS Boston Office for an exclusive event to elevate Nepal’s tech ecosystem. The event was organized by Genese Solution – a UK-based digital solution company- in collaboration with AWS. This marked their second event in the United States, following a successful gathering in New York on July 13th.

The "Revolutionizing Nepal's Tech Landscape" event focused on upskilling the Nepalese tech workforce and promoting an inclusive global IT community. Featuring keynotes from esteemed IT business professionals and community leaders, the event brought attention to initiatives such as the AWS User Group Nepal and AWS Academy programs, which aim to enhance and uplift the technology sector.

Anjani Phuyal, the Founder and Global CTO of Genese Solution, emphasized the mission of raising awareness about cloud computing in Nepal and its importance.

"The idea behind Genese was to make an impact amidst the challenge of retaining talents, most of whom were leaving Nepal for a better future. With Genese Academy, we have been able to bridge the gap between industries and academia by offering free learning platforms such as Amazon Educate and encouraging young talents to secure a promising career in the country,” he said.

As an AWS Ambassador since 2019 and the leader of AWS User Group Nepal, he actively guides the cloud community in organizing meet-ups, webinars, and the first-ever AWS Community Day in Nepal in December 2022. Through these endeavors, tech professionals in Nepal have been able to learn, collaborate, and connect with the global cloud community. These platforms have also fostered meaningful partnerships, mentorship opportunities, and a support network for tech enthusiasts and professionals in Nepal.

Prasanna Dhungel, Managing Partner of GrowByData, a leading marketing intelligence provider based in Boston, contributed as a panelist, sharing valuable perspectives on building and nurturing the AWS community while cultivating local talent. "I believe the work coming out of Nepal is just the preview of what will come. Collaborating with Genese and AWS has helped us speed up and streamline start-to-end user operations,” he stated.

Tara Palmieri, Head of Global Strategic Partner Initiatives at AWS, remarked, “AWS has had great successes with its customers and partners, and we can see that through the positive changes we have accomplished with Genese in Nepal.” Delivering a session on the significance of empowering Nepalese women and girls in technology, Clara Cedena, Head of the Community Impact Program at AWS, discussed the role of the AWS Partner Network, AWS Learning Programs, and local APO Community Alliance Partners in uplifting communities: "As a Global partner for AWS communication, we want to focus on integrating and re-educating talent in underserved communities.”

The speakers discussed the ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and equitable tech environment in Nepal. The highlights of the discussion were the initiatives like Girls in Tech Nepal, AWS User Group Nepal She Can, and Her Journey. These programs actively promote awareness and capacitate Nepalese girls and women through training, mentorship, and opportunities to advance their tech skills and careers. By helping them build essential skills, these programs enable them to pursue successful careers in the tech industry and contribute meaningfully to the sector's growth.

‘Revolutionizing Nepal’s Tech Landscape’ served as a platform to raise awareness about Nepal's tech communities and programs, encouraging collaboration to foster a more robust tech environment both locally and globally. While offering attendees insights into the partnership between AWS and Genese Solution, it also gave them information and perspectives on upskilling endeavors aimed at advancing the tech industry.

Phuyal, the Founder and Global CTO of Genese Solution, added that initiatives like this demonstrate their dedication to raising awareness, instigating positive transformations, and nurturing growth in the local Nepalese tech community and the global IT industry.

Sujita Basnet, Service Delivery Manager at Genese Solution, stated, “I don’t think there is a lack of talent in the population, but more so a lack of confidence, especially when it comes to their male counterparts, but with initiatives companies such as Genese are doing is allowing young women to build that confidence.”

Genese Solution, in partnership with AWS, has successfully organized similar events in various cities worldwide.

Publish : 2023-07-29 03:10:00

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