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BREAKING: Drone attacks reported in Moscow hours after new Russian attacks in Ukraine

Emergency workers extinguish a fire in a parked car, caused by falling debris from the latest aerial Russian attack in the Pecherskyi district of Kyiv, Ukraine. (Photo: AP)

This morning, Moscow's mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, reported a drone attack on the Russian capital.

Sobyanin stated in an undefined Telegram message that the attack caused "insignificant damage" to several buildings and that "no one has been seriously injured."

Sobyyin stated that residents of two buildings damaged in the attack had been evacuated.

Today, Russia launched a pre-dawn attack on the Ukrainian capital as its air defenses worked to halt drones as part of a relentless wave of daytime and nighttime bombardments aimed at Kyiv.

The Ukrainian air defense responded to the third Russian aerial assault on the capital within 24 hours with the hum of drones and deafening explosions. According to preliminary data, the Kyiv Military Administration reports that air defense forces annihilated more than 20 Shahed drones in Kyiv's airspace.

A high-rise structure in the Holosiiv district took fire, resulting in one death and three injuries. According to the Kyiv military administration, the two upper floors are destroyed, and there may be people buried beneath the debris. Over twenty individuals were evacuated.

According to the military administration, falling debris caused a fire in a private residence in the Darnytskyi district, and three vehicles were set on fire in the Pechersky district.

The series of attacks that began on Sunday included a rare daylight attack that left plumes of white smoke in the sky on Monday.

According to Valerii Zaludhyi, the chief of staff of Ukraine, Russian forces discharged eleven ballistic and cruise missiles at Kyiv at 11.30 a.m. All were destroyed, he stated.

According to the Kyiv military administration, debris from the intercepted missiles fell in the morning in the city's central and northern districts, landing in the midst of traffic on a city road and starting a fire on the roof of a building. At least one civilian was injured, according to reports.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced early Monday morning that it had launched a series of airstrikes against Ukrainian air bases using long-range precision missiles. The strikes allegedly destroyed command posts, radars, aircraft, and ammunition stocks. It made no mention of targeting cities or other civilian locations.

Publish : 2023-05-30 12:43:00

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