Jill Biden attends vigil at the Nashville Covenant School but does not address mourners

Jill Biden didn’t address the hundreds of mourners that gathered in downtown Nashville Wednesday night. (Photo: Reuters)

Jill Biden attended a candlelight memorial in Nashville on Wednesday to mourn the six victims of the shooting at the Covenant School earlier this week. Still, she did not speak at the sad event.

Grammy-winning singer and Nashville resident Sheryl Crow performed at the vigil, along with country star Margo Price and Old Crow Medicine Show vocalist Ketch Secor.

Over 400 people gathered in One Public Square Park in downtown Nashville, fewer than 10 miles from the private Christian school where 28-year-old Audrey Hale shot and killed three staff members and three children on Monday.

A 28-year-old woman who attended the vigil with two companions, but declined to provide her name, told The Post, "We have been unable to stop thinking about the victims."

The woman, who has lived in Nashville for the past seven years, stated that she was not startled by the most recent mass shooting in the United States.

"No, this occurs quite frequently," the woman told The Post.

She had hoped that Biden would take the opportunity to advocate for stricter gun control measures in light of the massacre.

"I want them to be more prudent and stringent. Tennessee's gun restrictions are "some of the worst in the country; it's pitiful," she remarked.

After the musical performances and comments by dignitaries and Nashville officials, including the mayor and chief of police, the first lady and her entourage departed.

"Dr Cooper stated in his remarks, "Biden, thank you for joining us, for dropping everything and coming to Nashville."

"And I'd like to thank President Biden for lowering the flags of our country to half-staff in honour of our fallen," he continued.

"Nashville is experiencing its worst day. Cooper addressed mourners, "Our heart is broken," and asked residents to "reach out to each other to help carry the load."

Hannah, a 22-year-old preschool teacher and part of the LGBTQ community in Nashville, told The Post that she is concerned about the possibility of a mass shooting at her school. She came out to show her support for the instructors and students at Covenant.

Hannah stated, "It just felt like the right thing to do."

She hoped government officials would alter Tennessee's gun restrictions after the Covenant School massacre.

"They are generally terrible. Fewer guns. Hannah said she wishes her state's gun regulations changed to "no guns."

According to authorities, the shooter, who was killed shortly after police arrived on the site, was armed with two semi-automatic rifles and a handgun.

Kay, a 23-year-old member of the LGBT community, voiced concern over the reaction to the shooter's transgender identity.

Kay stated, "It has nothing to do with it because it is irrelevant, but we're going to be blamed now."

President Biden argued on Tuesday that Congress must decide what to do about the nation's gun regulations since the executive branch has done all it can.

Biden stated, "I have exhausted all my executive authority to take unilateral action regarding firearms." "Congress must take action. The majority of Americans believe that possessing assault weapons is absurd and illogical. They are opposed to that."

Publish : 2023-03-30 10:31:00

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