Israeli raid on Jenin refugee camp kills six

Palestinians prepare for a memorial ceremony for two people killed during an Israeli army raid near Jenin in January. (Photo: AP)

Tuesday, Israeli soldiers attacked a refugee camp in the West Bank town of Jenin, murdering six individuals, including a Palestinian suspected of shooting two Jewish brothers last week from a settlement near the village of Huwara.

According to the Palestinian ministry of health, Mohammad Wael Ghazzawi, 26, was shot in the chest by occupation [Israeli] forces in Jenin.

Previously, the Israeli military announced that its forces were conducting a raid in the Jenin refugee camp but did not specify the operation's objective.

Videos posted on social media purport to show the entry of Israeli special forces vehicles.

The Palestinian health ministry reported that at least eleven individuals were injured during the attack.

According to the official Palestinian news agency Wafa, Israeli soldiers fired a missile into a house in the camp, causing smoke to rise from the location.

The militant group Jenin Brigade reported that their men exchanged gunfire with Israeli troops.

Israeli army sources have informed local media that several Palestinians, including a man wanted for the murder of two Israelis last week, have been murdered.

The attack is the latest instance of conflict in the West Bank following a deadly rampage by Israeli settlers in Huwara outside Nablus a little more than a week ago.

Hundreds of Israelis set fire to Palestinian homes and businesses during the attack, resulting in one Palestinian's death and approximately a dozen injuries.

Four Palestinians, including a kid, were attacked in Huwara by settlers on Monday.

Israeli army and border police forces dispersed crowds of what the military characterized as "several violent rioters" in Huwara. Social media images depict a group of black-clad youngsters attacking a car before the driver tries to flee.

"My wife was sitting in the back, hugging our daughter to protect her," Omar Khalifa told Reuters. When the attack occurred, he had just done grocery shopping and got into the car with his family.

We were at grave risk of losing her; there was a severe threat to our lives.

Other footage showed Israeli soldiers dancing among Jewish settlers in the area for Purim, a Jewish holiday.

"Huwara has been conquered, gentlemen!" A Hebrew voice can be heard speaking.

When responding to a request for information on the event, the military did not address a question regarding the footage, nor did it immediately react to a Reuters inquiry about whether any arrests had been made.

Overnight, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken renewed demands to de-escalate tensions in the West Bank. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is expected to bring up the bloodshed when he visits the region this week.

Publish : 2023-03-08 10:29:00

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