Five-day lockdown imposed in North Korea over 'respiratory illness'

Photo: NK News

A media outlet in Seoul stated on Wednesday that the North Korean authorities ordered a new lockdown in response to a rise in "respiratory illness" cases.

NK News said, citing a notice given by local officials, that the lockdown was enforced for five days on Wednesday in the capital Pyongyang.

The "respiratory illness" known as the "common cold" was spreading in the capital, although COVID-19 was not included in the announcement by local authorities.

There is also no information regarding if the lockdown will be extended to other cities.

In April last year, North Korea placed limitations after reporting its first COVID-19 case. Still, four months later, Pyongyang declared triumph over the pandemic and withdrew all restrictions across the country.

According to the news source, North Korea has organized an outdoor exercise for thousands of soldiers and citizens in freezing weather before an upcoming military parade on February 8.

However, how the most recent lockdown will impact this training or the parade timetable is unknown.

The temperature in Pyongyang fell to -19 degrees Celsius (-2 degrees Fahrenheit) on Tuesday due to cold weather and precipitation in various regions of North Korea and South Korea.

Publish : 2023-01-25 17:41:00

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