American family welcomes Ukrainians to Thanksgiving table


By Michelle Franzen
(Back L-r) Ted Helms, Susan Helms, Dmytro Stepnyk and Volodymyr Stepnyk (pink) Veronika(pink shirt), Liudmyla,(white shirt) and Yulia are pictured in this undated photo. Michelle Franzen/ABC News

Susan and Ted Holmes opened up their home to Liudmyla and Volodya Stepnyk and their three children, Yulia, Dmytro and Veronika, under the Biden administration's "Uniting for Ukraine" resettlement program.

The Ukrainian family will celebrate their first Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., gathering around the table and learning about the American tradition and foods. Susan Helms says they feel blessed they can share both cultures with her serving up a dinner at her home — pulling pockets of steamed stuffed cabbage out of a pot on a chilly night in Darien, Connecticut.

"Should we go get our plates and get our halupki?" Susan Helms asked.

Susan Helms says Liudmyla Stepnyk was up late making the dish. It is one of the Ukrainian traditions Liudmyla Stepnyk and her family find comfort in after fleeing their home in Western Ukraine when Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Publish : 2022-11-25 11:18:00

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