Israeli forces kill and injure 16 Palestinians in West Bank raid

Palestinians inspect the house of Tel Aviv attacker Raed Hazem after it was demolished by Israeli forces in Jenin in the Israeli-occupied West Bank September 6, 2022 REUTERS/Raneen Sawafta

During a raid in the occupied West Bank in which the military blew up the home of a Palestinian who had carried out a deadly shooting attack in Tel Aviv, Israeli soldiers killed one Palestinian and wounded sixteen others, according to witnesses and medics.

According to witnesses, columns of Israeli military vehicles entered the Palestinian city of Jenin under heavy fire. Gunshots resonated through the streets as loudspeakers urged civilians to attack the Israeli forces.

During the operation in which they demolished the apartment of Raad Hazem, who opened fire on a Tel Aviv bar on April 7, murdering three Israelis, the Israeli military stated that its troops came under intense Palestinian fire.

The military tweeted, "The soldiers responded with riot dispersal means and live fire,"

According to the Palestinian ministry of health, one individual was killed, and sixteen others were wounded by Israeli gunfire.

After a string of deadly Palestinian street attacks in Israel, Israel increased raids into the West Bank, particularly in the militant stronghold of Jenin.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, approximately 100 Palestinians have been murdered in this campaign, including militants, civilians, and participants in conflicts with Israeli forces.

"The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) stepped up its counter-terrorism efforts to prevent terrorist strikes. Approximately 1,500 wanted individuals have been captured as part of the operation, and hundreds of attacks have been thwarted "In a statement, Israeli military leader Aviv Kohavi stated.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attacks.

"The ministry views the systematic Israeli escalation with grave concern and we will follow this crime up with the International Criminal Court and the UN Human Rights Council," the statement read.

On Monday, the Israeli military released its final findings about the May shooting of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, concluding that she was likely shot by accident by an Israeli soldier.

Abu Akleh, an American-Palestinian citizen, was shot and killed on May 11 while documenting an Israeli raid in Jenin under questionable circumstances. Her killing caused an international outcry.

Publish : 2022-09-06 13:38:00

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