The US Administration does not care a bit about the Cubans; It never did

Anupam Bhattarai

BL News | English Desk
Photo: Breaknlinks Media

Biden Administration has been calling for freedom and liberty in Cuba, like all the US administrations before.

The same chants of freedom that were shouted during the military coup to bring Fulgencio Batista in power and the same chants of liberty to impose an embargo on the island country.

The US interests are clear, to keep the neoliberal system intact across the world and maintain the "global order" that will recognize the US as the world's superpower.

However, the existence of an anti-imperialist nation next door, ruled by a communist party is so much of a risk for US imperialism. The existence of Cuba does not only pose a threat to the US hegemony, but it also potentially could trigger a revolution in the US which would crumble down the bases of slavery, the very bases on which the country of United States has been built upon.

The US needs the Cuban economy to suffer, Cubans for that matter, which the US hopes would spark a counter-revolutionary tendency in Cubans. It also occasionally backs the attempts of color revolutions, like the one that is happening now.

Few hundreds of people gathered on the streets protesting against the COVID restrictions and the vaccines to be made available for everyone.

The slogans were shouted against the Communist Party of Cuba and the US flags were waved.

However, the lack of vaccines in Cuba is not a problem due to the Cuban government. The United States government would not allow the vaccines to reach the country like all the essential supplies. 

Not only that, but the US also discourages other countries to assist the Cuban nation. This makes the country fragile to the economic crisis.

However, as a result of the political system, it has been built upon, the nation manages to take care of itself and its people despite the economic sanctions and the US embargo.

Cuba is close to solving its vaccine problem as it has successfully made two homegrown vaccines, all of which have been proven more than 90% effective against the coronavirus.

Going back to the protests, the larger part of the protest is people protesting against the US attempts of counter-revolution, to defend the great Cuban revolution. 

Tens of thousands have gathered in the streets to defend Cuban socialism.

Unlike the manufactured facts of the Corporate Media, the people of Cuba are genuinely proud of the economic system the country is built upon.

The Biden administration has been openly supporting the counter-revolutionary protests in the country and shouting chants of freedom and liberty while imposing an embargo over the country.

The UN Charter classifies economic blockade as an act of genocide and has been repeatedly calling for the lifting of the blockade and sanctions. But the big-wolf ready to eat Cuba would never listen. Why would it? It wants another Puerto Rico or Hawaii in Cuba, and the only thing that is stopping it is the Communist Party of Cuba.

The calls of support from the Biden Administration have raised fears of a possible color revolution or a counter-revolution in Cuba. 

However, the people of Cuba seem very ready to defend their countries, even if they have to pick the guns once again. No attempt of counter-revolution in Cuba is going to succeed, it never did.

Publish : 2021-07-13 10:33:00

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