Idaho bans virtually all abortions backing the US supreme court mandate

Access to abortion is being restricted across America after the overturning of Roe v Wade. Photo: Getty Images

After the US Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, which had recognized a constitutional right to the practice, Idaho approved a bill criminalizing nearly all abortions with the support of Republicans.

A divided Idaho Supreme Court denied Planned Parenthood's request to halt the August 25 implementation of a prohibition that, according to the abortion provider, would violate Idahoans' constitutional privacy and equal protection rights.

Justice Robyn Brody, writing for the court in a 3-2 decision, stated that in light of the US Supreme Court's June ruling, Planned Parenthood could not demonstrate entitlement to such "draconian" relief, especially when abortion was outlawed in Idaho before the Roe decision.

In addition, "what petitioners are ultimately asking this court to do is to declare an abortion right in the Idaho constitution when there is none," Brody added.

In addition, the judges removed a stay on a second Idaho legislation prohibiting abortion after six weeks of pregnancy enforced through private lawsuits by people, which the state Supreme Court had placed on hold in April while Roe was still in effect.

Planned Parenthood and Idaho officials did not respond immediately to calls for comment.

Publish : 2022-08-13 10:25:00

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