Tulsa shooter was a surgeon's patient

Tulsa police officers comfort a young man as he waits to be reunited with a family member who was evacuated from the scene of a shooting at a medical facility in the Oklahoma city. (Photo: Independent)

A man who blamed his surgeon for continuing back pain following a recent back operation purchased a firearm hours before opening fire at a Tulsa medical facility, killing the surgeon and three others before shooting himself to death.

According to Tulsa police chief Wendell Franklin, the shooter had recently undergone back surgery and had often called a clinic to complain of pain.

Mr. Franklin stated that the surgeon, Dr. Preston Phillips, another surgeon, a receptionist, and a patient were killed.

Mr. Franklin stated, "We also have a letter indicating that the suspect came in with the intent to murder Dr. Phillips and anyone who stood in his way." He blamed Dr. Phillips for the persistent discomfort he had after surgery.

Authorities reported that the shooter was armed with a rifle and a handgun during the attack at the medical facility on a hospital campus, which was the latest in a string of deadly mass shootings around the US in recent weeks.

Families in Uvalde, Texas, had just begun to bury the victims of the bloodiest school shooting in over a decade when the massacre at Saint Francis Health System occurred.

According to Eric Dalgleish, deputy chief of the Tulsa Police Department, the unidentified assailant died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The hospital stated that it was "grieving the loss of four members of our community."

Recent gun violence across the United States, including the killing 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, by an 18-year-old armed with an AR-style semiautomatic rifle, has led Democratic leaders to amplify their calls for stricter gun control while Republicans emphasize school safety.

A partisan gap has blocked action in Congress and many state capitals on how to effectively respond to a record number of gun-related fatalities in the United States.

According to police, authorities investigating the shooting in Tulsa conducted a search warrant at a property in Muskogee, approximately 70 kilometers southeast of Tulsa.

"It appears that both weapons were fired at the scene," Mr. Dalgleish stated. The sound of gunfire in the building drew the responding officers to the second floor.

According to Tulsa police captain Richard Meulenberg, numerous persons were injured in the "catastrophic scene."

Publish : 2022-06-03 08:23:00

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