COVID Denial protests grow across the world

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Following the COVID denial protests in Canada, the COVID-deniers and the anti-vaxxers have been increasing around the world. Although this kind of propaganda is propagated and bolstered by the rich elites, the ones who are seen on the streets are generally the working-class people.

Billionaires such as Elon Musk have been open about their support to the anti-COVID movement, which is not only anti-Science but is also dangerous if we see the long-term consequences such opinions can bring.

The neo-liberals, borderline fascists-who hate rules and lobby to dismantle worker protests, generally tend to support and encourage these kinds of protests as this suits their agenda.

The agendas of "personal choice", "liberty", etc brought up during these protests eventually harm the whole community.


Hundreds of city workers marched in New York City on Monday to protest the possibility of municipal employees losing their jobs if they do not have a COVID-19 vaccination.

"No medical tyranny, no vaccine mandates," protesters chanted, and "My body, my choice." "You will not impose the vaccination," as they marched across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Protesters waving large US and Canadian flags and yelling in support of Canadian truckers who are protesting COVID-19 vaccination mandates across the border.

COVID Deniers protest in the UK against the coronavirus regulations


The UK's branch of the so-called 'Freedom Convoy' held a rally in London to oppose COVID policies.

People in other nations have begun organizing their own 'Freedom Convoys,' inspired by Canadian truckers and restriction protestors who have been blocking Ottawa's city center for more than a week.

On Monday, a group of demonstrators launched a 'Freedom Convoy' march in Westminster, London, emulating previous events in Canada.

Protesters were observed driving throughout the city in their cars, many with banners and flags espousing different social issues, such as anti-vaccination requirements and anti-police-bill campaigns.

Fin, a traveler, was one of the protesters who spoke out against portions of the England and Wales Police Bill, which opponents claim criminalize nomadic lives.

"I want to be able to move about freely and work since I can't work if I can't move. Then I'm stranded somewhere, unable to participate in society "he stated

Despite some minor clashes with police, the demonstration was otherwise calm.

COVID Deniers and anti-vaxxers protest in Germany


For the 54th week in a straight, thousands of protestors gathered in the streets of Bautzen to rally against COVID-19 pandemic measures.

The topic of discussion this week was vaccination requirements for health professionals, which are set to commence on March 15, 2022.

'Healthy, tested, fired!' read placards held by protesters protesting the mandate. Vaccinations are not required for health care employees.'

According to organizers, 4,200 people participated in the demonstration, which was followed by police patrols and ambulances.


Publish : 2022-02-08 21:02:00

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