Foreign Observers reaffirm the legitimacy of Venezuelan elections

Photo: Latin American News Agency

International observers reaffirmed the legality of Venezuela's electoral process today, congratulating the people and their institutions on the smooth progress of the process.

They emphasized the quality of the polls, the convergence of all political parties, and the population's discipline from the National Electoral Council Press Room in Caracas.

Orlando Espat, a member of the Belize delegation, told Prensa Latina that what transpired yesterday and how the elections were handled left him highly satisfied.

“Contrary to negative information from the international press, the vote in Venezuela was clean and democratic”, he emphasized.

Espat told his country's delegation that they came to learn above all from Venezuelans, who provided the world an unparalleled lesson in politeness, and emphasized that the genuine image of this country has nothing to do with the one marketed by giant multinational media firms.

From Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, said, “we have been able to observe in all electoral centers, without any exception, at least where we were present, that there were at least three electoral witnesses, belonging to three different political parties which also speaks very well of the elections”.

International observer Gabriela Rivadeneira, for her part, said she saw a lot of peace in these elections as a result of agreements reaching national discussion tables.

“The expansion of respect, democracy, legitimacy and the power of the people to give their vote and be able to choose; this is also strengthening for that project we have as a country”, Rivadeneira said.

When a portion of Venezuela's opposition participated, Christian Rodrguez from France declared it a holiday.

Juan Carlos Monedero of Spain stated that, unlike in other nations, he witnessed a significant contact between witnesses of polling booths from various parties in the Bolivarian republic.

Publish : 2021-11-23 15:27:00

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