Reports say Israel is torturing Palestinian Children in prison

Photo: Latin American Press (PL)

In the first ten months of 2021, Israel arrested 1,149 Palestinian youngsters, the majority of them were tortured and imprisoned in inhumane conditions, according to a specialized organization.

In two separate statements issued today to mark World Children's Day, the Ministry of Education and the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said that Israel killed 15 Palestinian students and detained 1149 minors from the beginning of this year until the end of October, and that two-thirds of the detained children were physically tortured.

According to the PPS, 160 Palestinian minors are now being detained in three Israeli jails.

According to the PPS, the Israeli occupation authorities use different types of torture on imprisoned children during and after their detention, which is a flagrant breach of international law, particularly the Convention against Torture and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

According to the report, minors are subjected to severe interrogation from the minute they are apprehended.

They are arrested at their homes at night, beaten in front of their families, handcuffed and blindfolded, kept without food or drink for long hours, subjected to interrogation without their families' presence, subjected to psychological and physical torture, forced to make confessions and sign papers without knowing their contents, threatened and intimidated, subjected to interrogation by intelligence officers, and detained in interrogation centers for periods of up to two months.

According to the Prisoner Society, Israel is delaying providing families the required licenses to see their sons in jail, even though many families are denied visiting privileges.

Occupation authorities also confine children in detention institutions that do not meet minimal humane requirements, deny many of them the right to an education and medical care, deny them the right to clothes, personal goods, and books, and penalize them at various times and for many reasons.

Publish : 2021-11-21 10:09:00

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